KP Pro Lock 4.0 oz

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Knot Sealer

 KP Pro Lock ,(4.0 fl. oz Spray) is a professional use only extra-strength hair tape knot sealer.

In a laboratory experiment, it was revealed that a strand of hair was able to support up to 10,000X its own weight with the adhesion power of KP Pro Lock.

Reduces System Hair Loss: Spray on the inner side to reinforce the delicate hair knot strength.  It greatly reduces shedding and extends the life of the hair system.

Styling: Can be used to style hair system such as holding curls and other textures

Fast drying, low odor formula under normal ventilation.

Preparing bases of new hair systems: Prolock also prepares new hair systems that are sometimes greasy and have uneven bases. Prolock fills in and flattens the uneven surface to maximize contact surface area for optimal tape adhesion.


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