Hair Extensions Color Chart

One of the great benefits of hair extensions is that it allows the wearer to experiment with a number of different hairstyles as well as see how they look in different colors. And at Superhairpieces, we provide plenty of them for you to do just that! You can refer to the hair extension color chart to see if you can get extensions in your desired color.

Please note that there is a colour discrepancy between our 3A/4A extensions and the colour ring. The colour ring matches more to our 5A/6A extensions as they are made with premium Chinese hair. The 3A/4A extensions are made with a mix of Indian/Chinese hair so the colours are a little off, notably in the blondes due to the quality of the hair. We are currently working on swatches that better match the 3A/4A quality hair colours. Keep posted on latest product updates by subscribing to Superhairpieces.

#1 Jet Black

#1B OFF Black

#2 Darkest Brown

#4 Medium Dark Brown

#6 Chestnut Brown

#8 Light Chestnut Brown

#10 Golden Brown

#12 Sunset Brown

#14 Dark Wheat Blonde

#16 Dark Shade Blode

#18 Ash Blonde

#22 Light Ash Blonde

#24 Ginger Blonde

#27 Rose Gold

#30 Auburn

#33 Dark Auburn

#99J Dark Red Wine

#BUG Burgundy

#613 Lightest Blonde

#617 Platinum Blonde

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