Back2Natural Conditioner

If you're dealing with hair color fading, look to Back2Natural for the answer. Back2Natural's color conditioners are designed to safely restore human hair to its original color and quality. Whether your natural hair or hairpiece is turning grey or getting unwanted red, orange or gold tones, these conditioners will get it back to the color you want. There are a number of colors offered as well as a leave-on option as well if you prefer to not wash off the product. Find More: Wig Conditioners

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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits of using conditioners from Back2Natural is that there are overwhelming amounts of options that are designated to each individual's hair color from a natural ash brown to dark ash blonde. There are different selections of conditioners depending on the texture and color of your hair. Back2Natural is beneficial for those that are looking to restore their human hair to its original form. The conditioner reverses fading and eliminates unwanted red, orange, and gold tones.

Applying Back2Natural in dry areas of the hair is most effective. Depending on how quickly your hair gets dry is when you will reapply the product. Applying the product twice a week consistently will result in a more effective restoration of the hair.

Yes! Back2Natural conditioners can be used on natural hair, hair systems, wigs, hair toppers, extensions, weaves, and other hair units. It’s a versatile conditioner that assists in the process of eliminating undesirable discoloration.

One of the major catalysts to damaging hair is the sun. During warmer and sunnier seasons, hair colors tend to fade and the texture of the hair becomes dry. A solution for this issue is Back2Natural conditioners as the product restores the hair color and texture after consistent use. It is easy to apply and will restore the hair no matter how bad you might think the state of your hair is in.

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