Super Tape "A" Shape 3/4" x 3" (36 pcs per pack)

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Super Tape

Super Tape Medical Hair Toupee "A" Shape 3/4" x 3" (36 pcs per pkg)

STRONGEST Extended Wear Bonding Tape available worldwide.

SUPERTAPE bonds better than the best Extended Wear Bonding Adhesive.
SUPERTAPE bonds for up to 40 days.
SUPERTAPE does not meltdown.
SUPERTAPE bonds to both Monofilament material and Polyurethane tape-tab areas.
SUPERTAPE is a skin safe "Medical Grade" Extended Wear bonding tape.
SUPERTAPE works great for securing Hair Extensions, Mustaches and Beards too.
SUPERTAPE eliminates gooey, sticky residue clean-up.
SUPERTAPE is waterproof.
SUPERTAPE is clear and odorless.

SUPERTAPE provides as long a hold as our Bonding Strips without the vent-thru holes.  Use instead of liquid adhesives to avoid the gooey mess and time-consuming clean-up, without compromise to the holding power. Note: Sensitive Skin users can punch holes to vent.

SUPERTAPE is formulated with a water-based adhesive which is skin and environmentally friendly! SUPERTAPE Contours have been processed to eliminate any shine.  For an even more indetectable appearance, simply press the PRINTED liner side of the adhesive contour against the  base of your lace attachment.  No melt-down hold. NOW-WITHOUT THE SHINE


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