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The average waiting time for pre-orders is 2 month for Basic version, 3 months for lace-based hairpieces and 2-3 months for skin-based hairpieces. However, your order may arrive much sooner if the factory was already working on that particular unit before you placed the order.

Here's how it looks now:

pre-orders 2021

And here's the progress we have made since last month:


Pre-order might take up to 3 months, or 4 months for Lace and Men's stock hairpieces . Once we receive your pre-order in our warehouse in Florida, US, and the hair system is ready to ship out, you will receive a notification email from us.

That is the best option at the moment considering the issue with inventory availability caused by COVID-19 pandemic, and the very high demand for hair systems.

By placing a pre-order, you can sleep soundly ensuring that a few months from now, the hair system and the color that you prefer will be available when you need it most, rather than looking around for a similar hair system with a color that you have never tried before!

If your order came earlier, that means the stock unit you ordered was one of the ones the factory was already working on before you placed your order. At the time we do not know the progress of each unit the factory is currently working on. By placing a pre-order, you are placed on a priority list which is a first come first serve list.

Yes, you can cancel a pre-order as long as the pre-order has the standard stock specifications. Meaning, when you ordered it, you did not change the density and size of the stock unit. If the density or size were changed, then the pre-order is the final sale and cannot be cancelled.