Extreme Hold Silicone Based Adhesive 4 oz

Extreme Hold Silicone Based Adhesive 4 oz

  • Extreme Hold is the latest and greatest in silicone adhesive technology.
  • This is our first true maximum-hold, silicone adhesive. You can expect a 4+ week hold time.
  • It is great for all types of units. It is also medically tested skin-safe.Maximum Wear (3-5 weeks) adhesives are the longest-lasting adhesives we make.
  • Depending on temperature, humidity, and body oils, they can last up to six weeks. Usually the most tacky, they require more skill to apply.How To Use Clean the scalp area using 99% alcohol and then apply the scalp protector and let your skin dry Apply a thin layer of Ultra Hold adhesive to the scalp area on the skin only - do not apply directly onto the lace if you are using a lace system. Allow the surface to dry until it feels tacky (between 3-6 minutes)Apply the unit by positioning the front of the system in place and rolling the system back over the scalp. Press firmly into place.
  • Close cap tightly. Do not breathe fumes. Store below 90 degrees. Flammable. Test on small area before use.

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