Difference Between Machine  and Hand Tied Weft

Difference Between Machine and Hand Tied Weft

Posted by Superhairpieces on 23rd Aug 2019

Not many realize that when we talk about “weft” hair there are many variations of how this weft is made. There are even different reasons why one stylist would choose one type of weft over the other.

Here you will find the difference in Superhairpieces machine & hand-tied wefts.

Machine Weft:

Machine weft is hair that has been sewn-in together using a machine. In order for the machine to sow in these hairs together, there has to be enough hair to catch the needle and thread. If the machine does not catch all the hairs at once, shedding can occur. Nonetheless, it is just excess hair, nothing to be concerned about. The lining of this type of weft is thicker than a hand-tied. Which also results in having thicker density for that needed volume. Machine weft is very commonly bought and used. Our machine wefts comes in 100 grams/pack and with one piece. You may need 1 - 2 packs for a full installation.

Hand-Tied Weft:

Hand-Tied weft is hair that has been sewn-in together by hand. This method does not require a lot of hair which creates a thinner lining giving it a more natural look against the head. It is also done with the best craftsmanship that shedding is actually reduced and provides the flexibility that the machine weft does not provide. But this of course results in having thinner density than a machine weft. For hand-tied it is required to purchase at least 2 to 3 packs as it only comes in 65 grams of 3 pcs/pack. 

**** Please Note: It is not recommended to cut hand-tied wefts. If you need to, please seal the ends with glue to prevent hair from unraveling. The best approach is to fold the extensions to fit to size.


Uses for Machine Weft

1.) Add Clips to the machine weft to remove daily

2.) Glue On the machine weft to own hair to add volume

3.) Sew On using braided or beaded tracks for longer attachments

Uses for Hand-tied Weft

1.) Great for integration with hairpieces

2.) Adding natural volume to thin fine hair

3.) Used for natural beaded weft attachments


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